I need some advice...

 How do you make people understand that you will do what you want to do?

I’ve been a collector ever since I can remember. I love toys and I’ve loved toys ever since I’ve gotten any. After 18 years, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love them for a long time still. The problem is that my parents just don’t get it and refuse to understand. They have driven me crazy sometimes, telling me to sell everything off and stop acting like a kid. Well, I hate to admit it, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop acting like a kid. People always treat me like a child because I look like one. I get talked down on a lot, since many people I meet thin I’m 14. I don’t really mind it because I love when they ask “how old are you?” They get so embarrassed when I tell them XD!

Anyway, I honestly sometimes feel like selling off my Pokemon collection would make my life easier, but every time I think about it, I can’t do it. I love my collections, because it’s a way for me to have all the Pokemon I’ve taken the time to train in game. It’s a way to show my love for the series and an escape from the harsh reality of the real world when I get to rearrange and display all my items. It makes me happy to collect and I want to continue doing it until I can’t do it anymore. The problem is that they just don’t listen or care. I haven’t lost any money with my current collection, and that’s what I think they’re worried about. My eight Eeveelution Canvas plush essentially pay for my entire Eeveelution collection in value and I have many other rare items that do the same thing. By “pay for” I mean the how much I bought them for ($189.99 for the set) verses how much they are worth ($700-$800 for the set) covers the expenses of the rest of my collection. I can explain this over and over, but they will never listen truly.

I can’t wait to move out. I just want to get away and not worry about them telling me what to do with my money. I don’t have a car and my friends live too far away for me to hang out with them much so I have no other expenses. And I could save the money, but I still am saving the money in theory. The $25 I spend on a plush isn’t wasted, it just becomes a plush. If I get lucky, that plush will go up in value and that $25 I spent becomes $35 in plush value. Once I sell it, I made $10 more then I had. I believe that Pokemon collecting is just like the stock market. Things go up and down in value so you have to invest in the good stock.

The thing is that I don’t care about the money. I care about the plush, the figures and the collection in general. I don’t know what to do about them, but I’m hoping I can move out quickly and take my stuff with me. My collection isn’t that large when it comes to packing. It takes up 2 boxes for figures, 3-4 boxes for plush and 1 box for flats.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I want to keep on collecting, but it gets harder and harder the more I go on with it. Any advice?

Practice Post for Collection Update

Well, it’s that time of year again :p! It’s my pkmncollectors anniversary :D! My second year on this lovely community :3!

I’m quite lucky to have my anniversary over the summer because I actually have time to do uber updates like this. I guess before I start onto the collection stuff I should get this off of my chest :3

I really, really love this community, because that’s what it is, a community ^^. I’ve never seen any other place on the Internet where I feel 100% safe sharing my secret hobby to more then my friends and family. People see toy collecting as childish, immature and just plain weird, but not here. We all have a common goal to collect Pokemon merchandise, whether it’s plushies, figures, toys, games, cels, or cards. The best part is that we’re all willing to do our very best to help each other. Even though many of us may be rivals by collecting the same Pokemon, we all still remain friends and that’s my favorite part about this community :). So yeah, I’ve really appreciated you guy’s support over these last two years, I’d never have been able to collect these Pokemon without you :3! I love you guys ◕ ◡ ◕!

Now onto the collection update. I’ve finally gotten the time to take pictures of most of my collection. I still don’t have a good way to display all of it but I got the majority this time, including a few collections I’ve never shown before ^_^!

Pokemon featured in this update:

...and more!
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Just like Walt Disney, it all started with a mouse and a turtle. These two items were my first Pokemon toys I ever had and they are so 90's. I got them in a gift bag form one of my friends birthday parties at the roller skating rink lulz. Oh and btw, my 6th birthday party was Pokemon themed and we still have the plates, cups and other various items around the house XD! I recently found the table cover in the attic.

So collectors, I ask you, what started your collections? An idea, a sprite, an experience or seeing that adorable plushie on ebay?

Thank you for letting me be a part of this awesome Community! Let's hope for another year and many more to come :3!

Paypal Problems and a Stolen Wallet

 Hey guys, life is cruel :(.

The long and short is that my Paypal spending limit has been used up. I will get my bank account information between March 30th and April 11th during my spring break so that I may lift the limit (I'll try to get it sooner if I can). I cannot make any payments via Paypal until then. I know I owe three shipping payments. I will get in contact with all the people I know I owe for alternate payment methods I can do. I hate not being able to pay on time but things happen and I do have every single intention of paying you. I have already paid the item(s) in full, so know that I will pay for the shipping cost as soon as I can. My apologies on this. I actually didn't know about the spending limit so that's my bad on me for not paying attention to the fine print :(.

Second, my wallet was stolen today. I had to go to a choral performance, and while we were singing, somebody broke into our bus. My wallet had the money that I was going to pay for shipping out the items that people purchased from me, and a payment for a commission. No worries though, I have ordered a new debit card already and I’ll get some cash from my parents to cover everything. I will ship out your items as soon as I get the money, if you don’t mind being a little patient with me. I’ll start shipping this coming Wednesday so no worries about your item getting to you :). I will keep my 2 week shipping policy for you ;)!

Cuddle's Adoption Agency

 Hello, this will be hosting as my sales journal post from now on :D! 


I am located in the U.S.A and I ship ANYWHERE!

I accept Paypal (direct payments, no e-checks) and concealed cash within the USA. However, concealed cash is at your own risk.

I live in a pet friendly home but my dog usually stays away form my collectables and merchandise.

I generally ship within 1-2 weeks of your purchase date. If there is a delay I will let you know.If you need an item shipped earlier, just let me know and I'll see what I can do :3!

I ship via First Class USPS Mail by default. If you would like, insurance or a different shipping method please state it and I'll give you a quote.

All sales are final and I am not responsible for packages that are lost, stolen or damaged in the mail system.

Unless previously agreed upon, payment is expected within 24 hours after the total has been given.

I am very flexible and easy to work with about payment plans, holds etc. so please feel free to ask a question if you have one!

I only do trades for items under $10.




Items on the Way!!

I order so many things at a time that I needed to make a post to make sure that I can keep track of everything. If it has a strike that means the pictures have been taken  

Recent Gets:
Chibiterasu Pillowpet 
Chibiterasu Plush
Princess Mononoke Art Book
Okami Art book 
Flareon Tomy Keychain
Houndoom Custom Bell Plush

Pika Hula Plush
Houndour Tomy Figure
Growlithe ChibiModel
Growlithe Custom Puff
Stoutland Kid
Vaporeon Megablock
Growlithe Megablock
Zigzagoon Megablock
Rapidash Kids Figure
Manectric Kids Figure
Ponyta Kids Figure
Granbull Kids Figure
Delcatty Kids Figure
Manectric Sticker
Glaceon Sticker
Beartic Kid
Leafeon Chupa Chups
Lillipup MPC
Haxorus Model Kit
Espeon Megablock
Jolteon Minicot
Ninetales Settei
Mightyena Pencil Topper (has been shipped)
Poochyena UFO Plush (has been shipped)
Shinx Talking Plush
Large Shinx Plush
Meinfoo Pokedoll (x2) (has been shipped)
Emolga Pokedoll (has been shipped)
Cubchoo Tomy Plush (has been shipped)
Lillipup Pokemon Center Plush (has been shipped)
Ninetales Metel Figure
Ninetales Papercraft


Houndoom Custom Plush
Glaceon Chupa Chups
Cubchoo Pokedoll
Blitzle Tomy Plush
Shiny Spinerak Hasbro Figure
Ninetales Johto Dex Charm
Suicune Chupa Figure
Big Lot o' Cards 
Beartic Clipping Figure
Servine Clipping figure
Flareon/Eevee Keychain
Ninetales Marble
Ninetales Mini Model 

Pokemon Wants


Hello all! I happen to be an extreamly competative collector of anime/manga merchandise from shows that I like and my #1 is Pokemon. I collect many different types of Pokemon and have many that I want to add to my collection. If you own any of these items and are willing to sell, trade, or give me please leave a comment here. If you know of anyone who has these items, especially grails, don't hesitate to link me to them. Lastly, if you are lucky enough to own any of these items and have pictures that you are willing to let me use I'd appreciate it. And now for the wants:

Info on wants: Though I'm a fan of the Pokemon featured under here, I was warped by the slogan "Gotta Buy Catch'em All". I love all Pokemon in one way or another and want to collect items of all the Pokemon eventually. I collect Plush, Figures and TCG mainly but I do derive from my path and grab household items like plates, cups and other useful trinkets. I am VERY, VERY, VERY open to buying lots of items that you wish to get rid of as long as it contains a lot of items that I don't have, which should be pretty easy seeing how much Pokemon stuff their is out there. Figure lots are my favorite lots to buy so please make offers!! Right now I'm looking for kids I don't have!  


I cannot deny that I want one but realistically I won't be able to get it anytime soon. I'm not even sure what these are valued at now a days but if you have one that you'd be willing to work out a payment plan with, I'm all ears. 

A Strange Grail for me but let me explain. I was wondering through the grass in fornt of Ecruteak city, March 1st 2011. I was training my lv. 70 Shiny Eevee so that it would love me enough to evolve into a Shiny Espeon when it hit daytime. When I was training it was night and I was facing a bunch of nighttime Pokes such as Hoothoot and Spinarak. The battle before I had faced a Spinarak and hit it with Trump Card. I proceded to wander through the grass and came upon another one. I looked at it and thought "why is it blue?" A second second later the shiny sparkles flew out of it and I had the BIGGEST SPASM EVER!! I threw a Dusk Ball at it and caught him X3! Now I'd LOVE to own this figure to commemorate my third Legit Shiny catch since this shiny has an official figure. I know the current value is around $275 and I'd be willing to pay that amount for a MIB one. I'd rather not go for more then $100-$150 for a out of box/semi ok condition one. Anyway if you have any info on this guy let me know. I'm not dying to get him since I don't collect this Pokemon but I'd still like to get this figure in my collection :3!       

COLLECTION WANTS (Main Collections)

Suicune Jakks Figure 2011

And any other figures, keychains and plush that I don’t have.

I also accept other items, but figures and plush are priority in this collection.

Vulpix/Ninetales (in order of priority)

Vulpix Grabber
Clear Vulpix Repainted Kid

Ninetales Marble
Vulpix and Ninetales Colored Figures
Chibi Stamps of Different Colors

Any other Figures or Flats that are not TCG (especially Mini-figures, Metel figures,  Plush, ANYTHING)

I’m very open with flat items of Ninetales since her items are so hard to come by :3.

Eeveelutions (* means primary collections)

Eevee: Jakks Figure, Big TOMY Figure, Megablock

Vaporeon: Glow in the Dark Keychain

*Jolteon:  Megablock

Flareon: New TOMY figure, Jumping FCS

Espeon: COMPLETE Moving on to rarer items

*Umbreon: Pencil Topper

Leafeon: Megablock 

*Glaceon: Megablock


Pokemon Black and White Team Collections

Clipping Figure Servine

Pidove/Tranquil/Unfesant Female
Clipping Figures

Tomy Figures



UFO Plush (Zebstrika)
Tomy figures

Tomy Figures
Clipping Figure
UFO Beartic Plush


Clipping Figures


SIDE COLLECTIONS (lowest priority)

Poochyena Line
Howling Poochyena Kid


Houndour Line:

Houndour Pokedoll



Data Carrier Figure

Shinx Line:

Shinx Laying Plush Tomy

Shinx TOMY figure
Luxray Banpresto Plush (Small)

Electrike Line



and Entei

Entei Zukan
Raikou Movie 13 Kid



Old Arcanine Kid

Attack TOMY Figure
7/11 Bottle Cap figure


Howling Zoroark Kid
Zoroark Sofbui Figure

Cranidos Jakks plush
Rampardos Attack Kid
Cranidos Attack Kid


Thanks for all your help :3!!!
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